Our Journey

April 2015: The first step is when founder Caroline was diagnosed with breast cancer. Experiencing shock and devastation, she looks for information and support but finds that although there are cancer support services out there, none offer the personal contact she needs to help diminish her feelings of isolation.

November 2015: By this time Caroline realises that if she is suffering the isolation of a cancer diagnosis, other cancer sufferers are probably feeling the same way. To remedy this, she sets up a Facebook Community Page and invites other cancer patients to join her. She soon finds that the TeamCaro Facebook site is becoming a safe haven where everyone can chat and ask for help if needed. The site gathers momentum and soon she has a group of like-minded volunteers to help run the site and respond to the many cancer sufferers looking for support.

May 2017: Despite successfully completing her own cancer treatment, Caroline is still passionate about cancer care. Now fully restored back to health, she wants to continue helping others and her group of Facebook volunteers feel the same way. To put the group onto an official setting the TeamCaro Foundation is launced in Kent. The Foundation soon realises that no two cancer patients are the same and that their personal approach to support is something that really helps people but is missing elsewhere in the cancer care framework.

May 2018: The first anniversary of the Foundation and the 1st annual event is held in Kent to mark the occasion. This sees many cancer sufferers attend and sign up for support.

May 2019: The second annual event is held in Kent. Again the event is well attended and as more clients sign up for support, Caroline and her team realise that this small grassroots charitable concern is becoming too large to be handled solely by a small group of volunteers.

May 2021 The Foundation expands and employs more staff to cope with the volume of demand. The Foundation becomes organised into various departments working together so that they can form the best strategies for helping people fight cancer.

August 2021 The TeamCaro Foundation partners with Amazon Smile as a charitable organisation for fund raising. Local football club Cliffe Woods Colts.