Supporting Clients On Their Cancer Journey

Getting diagnosed with cancer is definitely not an easy pill to swallow. You are bound to experience a range of emotions that can become overwhelming for you. At TeamCaro, we want to help support cancer clients on their journeys to ease both the mental and emotional toll a cancer diagnosis takes.

What Motivated Us

On a fateful day in April 2015, the founder of the TeamCaro Foundation, Caroline, was diagnosed with breast cancer. As expected, she was shocked and devastated about what she had been told.

Rather than allowing the diagnosis to place her in a state of mental apathy, indifference, or depression, she decided to use it as a motivator to increase awareness of breast cancer and encourage others.

While embarking on this journey, she quickly discovered that there were numerous charities supporting cancer clients. This was definitely great to see but there seemed to be a critical element lacking in most of them: a personal touch.

After meeting with different cancer clients, she noticed that they became isolated from others and the world. It was often unfortunate to see these clients lacking the most basic support system, their families, to help them through such a challenging time in their lives.

Limited counseling can only provide so much. Ongoing support is key to improving the mental and emotional health of cancer clients, especially prior to embarking on a treatment journey that is unpredictable in its outcome.

After seeing so many cancer clients lacking the access to services and benefits they deserved to have, she decided to help them receive what they were eligible for. This led to the creation of the TeamCaro Foundation. This new organization was aptly named following the nickname she ended up receiving in Zimbabwe, her home country.

Cancer Support With A Personal Touch

This organization for cancer clients first operated as an unregistered charity in 2019 before quickly becoming official. Thanks to a highly supportive and helpful team of passionate women who had their own personal experiences with cancer, TeamCaro was born.

Today, this cancer charity helps support clients no matter who they are. The strong ethos of helping with a personal touch has ensured cancer clients who come to TeamCaro receive the compassionate care and support they are yearning for and missing.

The vision that TeamCaro has as an organization for cancer clients is to do its part in creating a world where the daily struggle of taking a cancer journey alone, or with little support, becomes easier. Clients get to focus on helpful treatment and recovery from them, as well as mentally and emotionally managing any challenging prognosis they may receive.

Whether you are a cancer patient looking for support or are someone who wishes they could do something meaningful and more personal to help those with a cancer diagnosis, TeamCaro welcomes you with open arms. We place tremendous importance on raising awareness and celebrating milestones throughout cancer and cancer treatment journey.